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Lake Tahoe Sierra Machinery

Sierra Machinery is located in Northern Nevada along the Sierra Nevada Range.  Here the “Old West” was born when the Comstock Lode was discovered – the largest silver deposit in the world bringing people from all over the world to try their luck.

With a Sierra USA® success is guaranteed. High performance, cost efficient and superior finish are some the accolades we have received from our stable of blue-chip customers around the world.

Locally owned and operated, Sierra Machinery invites you to explore our products to demonstrate why we are The World’s Fastest Skiving Roller Burnishing Machine Manufacturer. Seeing is believing!

Sierra Machinery manufacturers both the Sierra USA® and Sierra’s patented tooling.  Designed with the primary objective of finishing the inside diameter of a hydraulic cylinder in a minimum amount of time with a maximum feed rate of 6.9 meters per minute (250ʺ) and a retract speed of 7.62 meters per minute (300ʺ).

For example, an 80mm (3.15ʺ) I.D. tube x 1M (39.4ʺ) part length and with 2mm (0.040ʺ) stock removal, can be skived and roller burnished with one forward pass in 30 seconds making the Sierra USA® The World’s Fastest Skiving Roller Burnishing Machine.

Sierra Machinery not only designs and builds the Sierra USA in the United States, but we also design and build the patented tooling used on all of our machines. There are over 200 hundred tooling sizes available ranging from 35mm (1.38ʺ) to 508mm (20ʺ).  Machines can be ordered in lengths from 1M (39.4ʺ) up to 7.6M (25ft) with a minimum part length capability of 150mm (6ʺ) on all machines. We have a size range for any customer requirement.  Sierra Machinery can satisfy all your skiving roller burnishing needs.

Sierra Machinery also uses the latest technology and innovations when it comes to the production of the Sierra USA®.  Only the highest quality parts and equipment are used along with our proprietary machine control logic that gives the Sierra USA® Skiving Roller Burnishing Machine the cutting edge to make it the World’s Fastest Skiving Roller Burnishing Machine. We are also fully CE certified.

Ask our customers about the Sierra USA®– our customer base consists of most of the largest manufacturers of farming, mining and industrial equipment produced in the world.  Our machines are located in North and South America, India, Japan, China, Korea, Australia, and Europe!  There are several Sierra USA® machines on every continent with many of our customer using multiples.

Sierra Machinery places a high value on safety.  Our machine protects the Operator and others during the operation of the machine using light curtain technology. Our safety features keep the operator safe during the whole of the cycle.

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